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Transcription profiling of year-long 10 degree C reduction in water temperature on global gene expression in tail skeletal muscle from adult, male zebrafish

ABSTRACT: The effect of a year-long 10 reduction in water temperature on global gene expression in tail skeletal muscle from adult, male zebrafish was determined using a long oligonucleotide probe set (16,399 65mers from Compugen) spotted onto glass slides. Outbred male zebrafish were obtained from a commercial supplier (Liles Tropical Fish, FL) at 6 months of age. Fish were maintained at 28 until 10 months of age. (see Gerhard et al., Exp Gerontol 37,1055-68, 2002) For temperature reduction, water temperature was decreased by 2.5 per week for 4 weeks. Fish were maintained until 22 months of age. Fish were fed fish flakes (Wardely Corp. Secaucus, NJ) twice per day. Each feeding was a discrete event in which a small measured amount of granular food was sprinkled on the water surface. A second small aliquot was offered if the first has been eaten within a few minutes. The feeding stopped when food from the previous aliquot has not been eaten and feeding behavior has ceased. By providing a consecutive series of small aliquots until food is no longer accepted, every member of the tank has an opportunity to eat until satiety, yet the amount of uneaten food is minimized. At 22 months of age, fish were euthanized by decapitation. Total RNA was harvested from a pool of tail muscle samples from 5 fish. Two independent pools of 5 fish per pool were collected from fish maintained at 18 and 28. Flip-dye hybridizations were performed on each pool for a total of 4 hybridizations in this study. Experiments DAR011d0001 and DAR011d0002 are flip-dye hybridizations from Pool 1. Experiments DAR011d0003 and DAR011d004 are flip-dye hybridizations from Pool 2.

ORGANISM(S): Danio rerio  

SUBMITTER: Glenn S. Gerhard   Renae Malek   Hedieh Sajadi   Joseph White 

PROVIDER: E-TIGR-19 | ArrayExpress | 2005-01-01


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