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Transcription profiling by array of Arabidopsis after growth with either ammonium or nitrate

ABSTRACT: Plants aquire nitrogen from the soil, most commonly in the form of either nitrate or ammonium. Unlike ammonium, nitrate must be reduced (with NADH and ferredoxin as electron donors) prior to assimilation. Thus, nitrate nutrition imposes a substantially greater energetic cost than ammonium nutrition. Our goal was to compare the transcriptomes of nitrate-supplied and ammonium-supplied plants, with a particular interest in characterizing the differences in redox metabolism elicited by different forms of inorganic nitrogen. We used microarrays to compare the short-term transcriptional response to either nitrogen supply or ammonium supply in Arabidopsis roots. Genes upregulated or downregulated by nitrate only, ammonium only, or both ammonium and nitrate were identified and analyzed. Arabidopsis thaliana (Col-0) plants were grown hydroponically until they reached growth stage 5.10. They were then transferred to a nitrogen-free medium for 26 hr and then supplied with 1 mM nitrate or 1 mM ammonium. RNA isolation (and subsequent microarray analysis) was performed on root tissue isolated just before nitrogen supply (time 0) and at 1.5 hr and 8 hr after nitrogen supply (1.5 hr nitrate, 8 hr nitrate, 1.5 hr ammonium, 8 hr ammonium).


ORGANISM(S): Arabidopsis thaliana  

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-29589 | ExpressionAtlas | 2014-07-03

REPOSITORIES: ExpressionAtlas

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Distinct signalling pathways and transcriptome response signatures differentiate ammonium- and nitrate-supplied plants.

Patterson Kurt K   Cakmak Turgay T   Cooper Andrew A   Lager Ida I   Rasmusson Allan G AG   Escobar Matthew A MA  

Plant, cell & environment 20100422 9

Nitrogen is the only macronutrient that is commonly available to plants in both oxidized and reduced forms, mainly nitrate and ammonium. The physiological and molecular effects of nitrate supply have been well studied, but comparatively little is known about ammonium nutrition and its differential effects on cell function and gene expression. We have used a physiologically realistic hydroponic growth system to compare the transcriptomes and redox status of the roots of ammonium- and nitrate-supp  ...[more]

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