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Transcriptional changes in dormant and non_dormant potato meristems

ABSTRACT: RNA was sequenced from meristems excised from dormant and non-dormant potato tubers harvested from four different harvest years. Expression based on mapped RNA-sequences was accomplished from excised meristems from fall harvested (dormant tubers) and the same harvested tubers were stored under standard commercial conditions until sprouting was present (non-dormant). The experiment was replicated for four different harvest years.


ORGANISM(S): Solanum tuberosum  

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-61690 | ExpressionAtlas | 2016-04-07

REPOSITORIES: ExpressionAtlas

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Treatment of potato tubers with the synthetic cytokinin 1-(α-ethylbenzyl)-3-nitroguanidine results in rapid termination of endodormancy and induction of transcripts associated with cell proliferation and growth.

Campbell Michael M   Suttle Jeffrey J   Douches David S DS   Buell C Robin CR  

Functional & integrative genomics 20141001 4

Perennial plants undergo repression of meristematic activity in a process called dormancy. Dormancy is a complex metabolic process with implications for plant breeding and crop yield. Endodormancy, a specific subclass of dormancy, is characteristic of internal physiological mechanisms resulting in growth suppression. In this study, we examine transcriptional changes associated with the natural cessation of endodormancy in potato tuber meristems and in endodormant tubers treated with the cytokini  ...[more]

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