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ABSTRACT: The model reproduces the same amplitude antiphase calcium oscillations of coupled cells depicted in Figure 5B of the publication. This model was successfully tested on Jarnac and MathSBML. The values of "h1" and "h2" are not given in the publication, but the antiphase oscillations are reproduced over a narrow range of values of h1, h2,c1,c2,D and p. The values of D and p are given, while the other values were plugged in, in order to simulate the time profiles shown in the Figure. The time t=0 in the figure may have been fixed after the system was allowed to settle, and hence does not correspond to the t=0 of the simulation. To the extent possible under law, all copyright and related or neighbouring rights to this encoded model have been dedicated to the public domain worldwide. Please refer to CC0 Public Domain Dedication for more information. In summary, you are entitled to use this encoded model in absolutely any manner you deem suitable, verbatim, or with modification, alone or embedded it in a larger context, redistribute it, commercially or not, in a restricted way or not. To cite BioModels Database, please use: Li C, Donizelli M, Rodriguez N, Dharuri H, Endler L, Chelliah V, Li L, He E, Henry A, Stefan MI, Snoep JL, Hucka M, Le Novère N, Laibe C (2010) BioModels Database: An enhanced, curated and annotated resource for published quantitative kinetic models. BMC Syst Biol., 4:92.

REANALYSIS of: MODEL9200487367

SUBMITTER: Harish Dharuri  

PROVIDER: BIOMD0000000058 | BioModels | 2006-05-31


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A bifurcation analysis of two coupled calcium oscillators.

Bindschadler Michael M   Sneyd James J  

Chaos (Woodbury, N.Y.) 20010301 1

In many cell types, asynchronous or synchronous oscillations in the concentration of intracellular free calcium occur in adjacent cells that are coupled by gap junctions. Such oscillations are believed to underlie oscillatory intercellular calcium waves in some cell types, and thus it is important to understand how they occur and are modified by intercellular coupling. Using a previous model of intracellular calcium oscillations in pancreatic acinar cells, this article explores the effects of co  ...[more]

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