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Salcedo-Sora2016 - Microbial folate biosynthesis and utilisation

ABSTRACT: Salcedo-Sora2016 - Microbial folate biosynthesis and utilisation This model is described in the article: A mathematical model of microbial folate biosynthesis and utilisation: implications for antifolate development. Enrique Salcedo-Sora J, Mc Auley MT. Mol Biosyst. 2016 Jan 21. Abstract: The metabolic biochemistry of folate biosynthesis and utilisation has evolved into a complex network of reactions. Although this complexity represents challenges to the field of folate research it has also provided a renewed source for antimetabolite targets. A range of improved folate chemotherapy continues to be developed and applied particularly to cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases. However, new or better antifolates against infectious diseases remain much more elusive. In this paper we describe the assembly of a generic deterministic mathematical model of microbial folate metabolism. Our aim is to explore how a mathematical model could be used to explore the dynamics of this inherently complex set of biochemical reactions. Using the model it was found that: (1) a particular small set of folate intermediates are overrepresented, (2) inhibitory profiles can be quantified by the level of key folate products, (3) using the model to scan for the most effective combinatorial inhibitions of folate enzymes we identified specific targets which could complement current antifolates, and (4) the model substantiates the case for a substrate cycle in the folinic acid biosynthesis reaction. Our model is coded in the systems biology markup language and has been deposited in the BioModels Database (MODEL1511020000), this makes it accessible to the community as a whole. This model is hosted on BioModels Database and identified by: MODEL1511020000. To cite BioModels Database, please use: BioModels Database: An enhanced, curated and annotated resource for published quantitative kinetic models. To the extent possible under law, all copyright and related or neighbouring rights to this encoded model have been dedicated to the public domain worldwide. Please refer to CC0 Public Domain Dedication for more information.

SUBMITTER: Sarubini Kananathan  

PROVIDER: BIOMD0000000725 | BioModels | 2018-12-05


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