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Dataset Information


Strasen2018 - TGFb SMAD Signalling - Dose dependent dynamics upon TGFb stimulation

ABSTRACT: This model simulates TGFb dose dependent kinetics of The SMADs. TGFb ligand dose applied are 1pM, 2.5pM, 5pM, 25pM, and 100pM as explained in the manuscript.

SUBMITTER: Krishna Kumar Tiwari  

PROVIDER: BIOMD0000000989 | BioModels | 2021-02-17


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Cell-specific responses to the cytokine TGFβ are determined by variability in protein levels.

Strasen Jette J   Sarma Uddipan U   Jentsch Marcel M   Bohn Stefan S   Sheng Caibin C   Horbelt Daniel D   Knaus Petra P   Legewie Stefan S   Loewer Alexander A  

Molecular systems biology 20180125 1

The cytokine TGFβ provides important information during embryonic development, adult tissue homeostasis, and regeneration. Alterations in the cellular response to TGFβ are involved in severe human diseases. To understand how cells encode the extracellular input and transmit its information to elicit appropriate responses, we acquired quantitative time-resolved measurements of pathway activation at the single-cell level. We established dynamic time warping to quantitatively compare signaling dyna  ...[more]

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