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Mitrophanov2016 - Extended Mitrophanov2011 Blood Coagulation Model (additional thrombin reactions)

ABSTRACT: Mathematical model of blood coagulation. Extended model of Mitrophanov2011 (which is an extension of Hockin2002). Additional reactions added involving thrombin. Modelling the effects of dilution and addition of recombinant factor VIIa, II, VII, IX, X, AT.

SUBMITTER: Matthew Roberts  

PROVIDER: MODEL1806280001 | BioModels | 2018-06-28


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A Step Toward Balance: Thrombin Generation Improvement via Procoagulant Factor and Antithrombin Supplementation.

Mitrophanov Alexander Y AY   Szlam Fania F   Sniecinski Roman M RM   Levy Jerrold H JH   Reifman Jaques J  

Anesthesia and analgesia 20160901 3

The use of prothrombin complex concentrates in trauma- and surgery-induced coagulopathy is complicated by the possibility of thromboembolic events. To explore the effects of these agents on thrombin generation (TG), we investigated combinations of coagulation factors equivalent to 3- and 4-factor prothrombin complex concentrates with and without added antithrombin (AT), as well as recombinant factor VIIa (rFVIIa), in a dilutional model. These data were then used to develop a computational model  ...[more]

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