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Rodríguez-Jorge2019 - Boolean model of TCR signaling for CD4 + T cell activation

ABSTRACT: CD4+ T cells recognize antigens through their T cell receptors (TCRs); however, additional signals involving costimulatory receptors, for example, CD28, are required for proper T cell activation. Alternative costimulatory receptors have been proposed, including members of the Toll-like receptor (TLR) family, such as TLR5 and TLR2. To understand the molecular mechanism underlying a potential costimulatory role for TLR5, we generated detailed molecular maps and logical models for the TCR and TLR5 signaling pathways and a merged model for cross-interactions between the two pathways. Furthermore, we validated the resulting model by analyzing how T cells responded to the activation of these pathways alone or in combination, in terms of the activation of the transcriptional regulators CREB, AP-1 (c-Jun), and NF-κB (p65). Our merged model accurately predicted the experimental results, showing that the activation of TLR5 can play a similar role to that of CD28 activation with respect to AP-1, CREB, and NF-κB activation, thereby providing insights regarding the cross-regulation of these pathways in CD4+ T cells.

SUBMITTER: Denis Thieffry  

PROVIDER: MODEL1903260001 | BioModels | 2021-04-06


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