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Caruso2020 - Activation of the alternative complement pathway and effects on hemolysis

ABSTRACT: This model is based on the publication: Caruso A, Vollmer J, Machacek M, Kortvely E. "Modeling the activation of the alternative complement pathway and its effects on hemolysis in health and disease." PLoS Comput Biol. 2020 Oct 2;16(10):e1008139. doi: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1008139 Curation Comment: Figure 4 has not been able to be reproduced, however authors are in the process of appending the model code to the publication.

SUBMITTER: Emilia Chen  

PROVIDER: MODEL2109110001 | BioModels | 2021-09-11


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Modeling the activation of the alternative complement pathway and its effects on hemolysis in health and disease.

Caruso Antonello A   Vollmer Jannik J   Machacek Matthias M   Kortvely Elod E  

PLoS computational biology 20201002 10

The complement system is a powerful mechanism of innate immunity poised to eliminate foreign cells and pathogens. It is an intricate network of >35 proteins, which, once activated, leads to the tagging of the surface to be eliminated, produces potent chemoattractants to recruit immune cells, and inserts cytotoxic pores into nearby lipid surfaces. Although it can be triggered via different pathways, its net output is largely based on the direct or indirect activation of the alternative pathway. C  ...[more]

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