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RNAi knock down of CDC7 in human IMR90 primary diploid fibroblasts derived from embryonic lung tissue

ABSTRACT: Transcriptional profiling of siRNA-mediated inhibition of CDC7 in IMR90 primary diploid fibroblasts derived from embryonic lung tissue.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens

SUBMITTER: Matthew Trotter 

PROVIDER: E-MEXP-2115 | biostudies-arrayexpress |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies-arrayexpress

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Molecular architecture of the DNA replication origin activation checkpoint.

Tudzarova Slavica S   Trotter Matthew W B MW   Wollenschlaeger Alex A   Mulvey Claire C   Godovac-Zimmermann Jasminka J   Williams Gareth H GH   Stoeber Kai K  

The EMBO journal 20100820 19

Perturbation of DNA replication initiation arrests human cells in G1, pointing towards an origin activation checkpoint. We used RNAi against Cdc7 kinase to inhibit replication initiation and dissect this checkpoint in fibroblasts. We show that the checkpoint response is dependent on three axes coordinated through the transcription factor FoxO3a. In arrested cells, FoxO3a activates the ARF-∣Hdm2-∣p53 → p21 pathway and mediates p15(INK4B) upregulation; p53 in turn activates expression of the Wnt/β  ...[more]

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