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Transcriptome analysis of the WalKR regulon in Staphylococcus aureus

ABSTRACT: The WalKR regulon was studied by comparing genes expression in a strain producing a constitutively active WalR regulator (WalRc) versus the wild type strain carrying the empty expression vector. Hybridizations were performed with three independent biological replicates. Our data allowed to identify 165 genes differentially expressed in the walRc expressing strain with a P-value M-bM-^IM-$ 0.05 using Z-test and a threshold value of two-fold change in transcriptional levels. Among them, 108 genes are activated, and 57 genes are repressed. About 10% of these results were confirmed by quantitative real time PCR, revealing the high reliability of this overall study. Beyond the major effect of the WalKR system on genes expressing cell wall hydrolases, we have shown that it activates a large number of genes involved in virulence, and probably through its positive impact on the SaeRS two-component system, is a major activator of S. aureus virulence. Cells were grown in TSB rich medium added with 0.25 M-BM-5M CdCl2 to allow walRc expression until OD600nm of 1. Gene expression was compared between the HG001 wild type reference strain carrying the pCN51 empty vector (HG001/pCN51) and the HG001 strain carrying a pCN51 derivative with the walRc allele under the control of the Pcad inducible promoter (HG001/pSD3-12). Each condition was done in triplicate and the data were analyzed using the Arraystat software. Genes were considered as differentially expressed if their transcriptional level differed by at least two-fold with a Z-test P-value M-bM-^IM-$ 0.05 in at least two of the replicates.

SUBMITTER: Ulrike MM-CM-$der 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-29337 | BioStudies | 2012-09-13


REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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