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Cebpa regulates gene transcription in basophils

ABSTRACT: To investigate the mechanisms by which C/EBPa drives basophil differentiation and maintains basophil identity, we examined whether or not C/EBPa promotes basophil molecular programming and simultaneously represses mast cell molecular programming. We performed genome-wide gene expression profiling on basophils and mast cells and found that 6798 genes were shared by mast cells and basophils; 2033 genes were expressed 2-10 (log2 1-3.3)-fold higher in basophils (differentially expressed in basophils); and 413 genes were expressed greater than 10 (log2 3.3)-fold in basophils (highly expressed in basophils). On the other hand, we found 569 genes were expressed 2-10 (log2 -1 to -3.3) fold higher in mast cells and 171 genes were highly expressed in mast cells [greater than 10 fold (log2 -3.3)]. We treated purified basophils prepared from Cebpaf/f RosaYFP/creER mice and Cebpa+/+ RosaYFP/creER control mice with or without 4HT treatment for five days. Gene expression in the treated basophils was analyzed using microarray analysis. Overall, deletion of C/EBPa in basophils resulted in a reduction of mRNA expression for 248 genes and led to an increase in mRNA expression for 255 genes. The majority of the C/EBPa-regulated genes were either differentially or highly expressed in basophils or mast cells. In this study, we compared gene expression in basophils and mast cell and identified genes which specifically expressed in basophils and mast cells. By using Cebpa conditional knock out mice, we identified Cebpa regulated genes in basophils.

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-41596 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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