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The Hydra magnipapillata head regeneration transcriptome

ABSTRACT: Hydra has long been studied for its remarkable ability to regenerate its head. Previous studies focusing on molecular mechanisms of axial patterning and head regeneration using a candidate gene approach have revealed a central role for the canonical Wnt pathway. We performed a global gene expression analysis during Hydra magnipapillata head regeneration using RNA-seq to identify additional genes that are transcriptionally regulated during the regeneration of the head organizer in hydra. Differential expression analysis revealed a set of 4,978 genes with significant changes during a 48-hour head regeneration time-course that includes many key genes in the Wnt, TGF-M-NM-2/BMP and MAP kinase pathways. We observed the differential regulation of several genes that are part of the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in bilaterians such as Snail. We assembled 806 novel putative lincRNAs with 176 of these are differentially expressed during the time course. We observed the coordinated transcriptional regulation of several factors that regulate the effective pool of free M-NM-2-catenin that together synergize to increase the amount of M-NM-2-catenin available for transcriptional regulation of downstream genes. The differential expression of Snail and some of its interacting regulators and downstream targets suggests that a partial-EMT-like response is involved in hydra head regeneration. This time-course is a valuable resource for the study of the transcriptional dynamics of head regeneration in hydra. mRNA profiling of regenerating head from 6 time points post bisection of Hydra head (H. magnipapillata), generated by deep sequencing, in duplicates, using Illumina HiSeq2500.

ORGANISM(S): Hydra vulgaris

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-64127 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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