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Transcription profiling of old and young Laternula elliptica gill tissue under heat stress

ABSTRACT: Specimens of L. elliptica were collected by scuba divers at a depth of 10-18m in January 2010 at Hangar Cove, Rothera Point, Adelaide Island, Antarctic Peninsula (67°34’07°S, 68°07’30°W). Animals were collected in two size classes: large animals (with lengths ranging around 60mm) and small animals (lengths ranging around 30mm), the sizes of which equated to average ages of 16 and 7 years respectively. These two groups were termed “old” and “young” respectively. The clams were maintained in a flow-through aquarium and allowed to acclimate to laboratory conditions for 2 weeks before experimentation. At the end of the acclimation period, 10 old and 10 young animals were transferred to a 60l jacketed tank with aerated sea water, connected to a thermocirculator. The sea water temperature was gradually raised from 0°C to +3°C over a 12 hour period. This temperature was then maintained for a further 12 hours, before sampling the animals. Gill tissue samples were dissected and immediately snap frozen in liquid nitrogen and stored at -80°C. The sampling regime was repeated on 10 old and 10 young animals that had been maintained in the flow-through aquarium for the same time period (control animals) RNA was extracted from all samples using TriSure, according to manufacturer’s instructions. RNAs from gill from 5 animals from each group (old treated, young treated, old control and young control) were used in the array hybridization experiments. The array used was A-MEXP-1676. PCR amplified labelled cDNA targets were prepared from 1?g total RNA. 5 replicates were used with 3 dye swaps.

SUBMITTER: Michael Thorne 

PROVIDER: E-MTAB-3280 | BioStudies | 2016-02-28

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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