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Transcriptome sequencing of tomato leaves treated with different Pst DC3000 mutant strains

ABSTRACT: We designed an experiment to assess ETI and PTI in RG-PtoR using a series of Pst DC3000 strains which have different mutations that allow dissection of the plant immune response. We collected samples at 6 hai and monitored the development of disease in these plants. Plants infiltrated with DC3000 ΔfliC had no disease symptoms due to the recognition of AvrPto and AvrPtoB effectors by Pto. In contrast, when these two effectors were absent, the plants developed speck disease (DC3000 ΔavrPto ΔavrPtoB and DC3000 ΔavrPto ΔavrPtoB ΔfliC strains). Plants infiltrated with the triple mutant showed the greatest disease severity due to the absence of ETI and flagellin-activated PTI induction. This experimental design allowed us to identify gene expression changes associated with flagellin-activated PTI (DC3000 ΔavrPto ΔavrPtoB versus DC3000 ΔavrPto ΔavrPtoB ΔfliC) and Pto/Prf-mediated ETI (DC3000 ΔfliC versus DC3000 ΔavrPto ΔavrPtoB ΔfliC). NOTE: Samples in SRA were assigned the same sample accession. This is incorrect as there are different samples, hence 'œSource Name' was replaced with new values. Comment[ENA_SAMPLE] contains the original SRA sample accessions.

ORGANISM(S): Solanum lycopersicum

PROVIDER: E-MTAB-4797 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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