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HOXA9 transcriptomic analysis in GBM cell lines (U87MG, U251 and primary GBML18) and in immortalized human astrocytes (hTERT/E6/E7)

ABSTRACT: Assess gene expression patterns upon HOXA9 ectopic expression in U87MG GBM cell line and hTERT/E6/E7 immortalized human astrocytes, and HOXA9 silencing in U251 and GBML18 GBM cell lines. U87MG and hTERT/E6/E7 were retrovirally-infected with an MSCV control vector (MSCV-Control) or with a construct containing the coding region of HOXA9 (MSCV-HOXA9), resulting in U87MG-Control, U87MG-HOXA9, hTERT/E6/E7-Control and hTERT/E6/E7-HOXA9 cell lines. GBML18 and U251 cells were transfected with HOXA9 gene-specific shRNA sequences (shHOXA9) or a non-efective shRNA (shControl) in pGFP-V-RS plasmid, resulting in U251-shControl, U251-shHOXA9, GBML18-shControl and GBML18-shHOXA9 cell lines. Four experimental replicates for HOXA9 overexpression cell lines, and three for HOXA9 silencing cell lines were performed.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens

PROVIDER: S-ECPF-GEOD-56517 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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