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Characteristics of the Ca2+ pump and Ca2+-ATPase in the plasma membrane of rat myometrium.

ABSTRACT: A plasma membrane-enriched fraction from rat myometrium shows ATP-Mg2+-dependent active calcium uptake which is independent of the presence of oxalate and is abolished by the Ca2+ ionophore A23187. Ca2+ loaded into vesicles via the ATP-dependent Ca2+ uptake was released by extravesicular Na+. This showed that the Na+/Ca2+ exchange and the Ca2+ uptake were both occurring in plasma membrane vesicles. In a medium containing KCl, vanadate readily inhibited the Ca2+ uptake (K1/2 5 microM); when sucrose replaced KCl, 400 microM-vanadate was required for half inhibition. Only a slight stimulation of the calcium pump by calmodulin was observed in untreated membrane vesicles. Extraction of endogenous calmodulin from the membranes by EGTA decreased the activity and Ca2+ affinity of the calcium pump; both activity and affinity were fully restored by adding back calmodulin or by limited proteolysis. A monoclonal antibody (JA3) directed against the human erythrocyte Ca2+ pump reacted with the 140 kDa Ca2+-pump protein of the myometrial plasma membrane. The Ca2+-ATPase activity of these membranes is not specific for ATP, and is not inhibited by mercurial agents, whereas Ca2+ uptake has the opposite properties. Ca2+-ATPase activity is also over 100 times that of calcium transport; it appears that the ATPase responsible for transport is largely masked by the presence of another Ca2+-ATPase of unknown function. Measurements of total Ca2+-ATPase activity are, therefore, probably not directly relevant to the question of intracellular Ca2+ control.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC1149126 | BioStudies | 1988-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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