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A study of the copper-binding proteins in liver and kidney tissue of neonatal normal and mottled mutant mice.

ABSTRACT: The Cu2+-binding proteins from liver and kidney tissue of 7--8-day-old brindled (Mobr) mice and their normal littermates were compared. (1) Separation over Bio-Gel P-10 showed that the differences in the Cu2+ content of mutant tissues were largely associated with a low-molecular-weight protein fraction (mol.wt. 14 500). (2) Further purification of this low-molecular-weight fraction by anion-exchange chromatography revealed four subfractions. The Cu2+ content of each subfraction reflected the Cu2+ status of the tissue of origin; the Cu2+ contents of the mutant kidney subfractions were elevated and those of the mutant liver were depressed compared with normal. In contrast, the protein contents of the subfractions were less variable and did not reflect the differing Cu2+ contents. (3) Amino acid analysis of the four subfractions from CuCl2-treated mutant and normal animals revealed clos similarities. The proteins showed high glycine, glutamic acid, serine, alanine and lysine contents and a rather variable cysteine content. Differences were apparent in the normal liver subfractions, which showed a higher cysteine content and lower glutamic acid content than did either the mutant liver or normal and mutant kidney subfractions. These observations, together with the recorded presence of aromatic amino acids, indicated that these proteins are not thioneins.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC1161654 | BioStudies | 1979-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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