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Androgens regulate mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase and lysosomal hydrolases in mouse skeletal muscle.

ABSTRACT: The gastrocnemius, a fast-twitch white muscle, and the soleus, a slow-twitch red muscle, were studied in A/J mice. The specific activities of the lysosomal hydrolases, beta-D-glucuronidase, hexosaminidase, beta-D-galactosidase and arylsulphatase, the inner-mitochondrial-membrane enzyme cytochrome c oxidase, and the outer-mitochondrial-membrane enzyme monoamine oxidase, were greater in the soleus than in the gastrocnemius. The specific activities of the lysosomal hydrolases and cytochrome c oxidase in the gastrocnemius and soleus were substantially higher in male mice than in female mice. Orchiectomy abolished this sex difference. Testosterone increased the activities of the lysosomal hydrolases and cytochrome c oxidase and coincidentally induced muscle hypertrophy and an accretion of protein and RNA, but total DNA remained constant. Monoamine oxidase was unaffected by sex, orchiectomy and testosterone. These findings indicate that endogenous androgens regulate the activity of enzymes associated with lysosomes and the inner mitochondrial membrane, as well as muscle fibre growth in mouse skeletal muscle.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC1162340 | BioStudies | 1980-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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