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Effect of membrane environment on the activity and inhibitability by malonyl-CoA of the carnitine acyltransferase of hepatic microsomal membranes.

ABSTRACT: We have investigated the extent to which membrane environment affects the catalytic properties of the malonyl-CoA-sensitive carnitine acyltransferase of liver microsomal membranes. Arrhenius-type plots of activity were linear in the absence and presence of malonyl-CoA (2.5 microM). Sensitivity to malonyl-CoA increased with decreasing assay temperature. Partly purified enzyme displayed an increased K0.5 (substrate concentration supporting half the maximal reaction rate) for myristoyl-CoA and a reduced sensitivity to malonyl-CoA compared with the enzyme in situ in membranes. Reconstitution with liposomes of a range of compositions restored the K0.5 for myristoyl-CoA to values similar to that seen in native membranes. The lipid requirements for restoration of sensitivity to malonyl-CoA were more stringent. When animals were starved for 24 h the specific activity of carnitine acyltransferase in microsomal membrane residues was increased 3.3-fold, whereas sensitivity to malonyl-CoA was decreased to 1/2.8. When enzymes partly purified from fed and starved animals were reconstituted into crude soybean phosphatidylcholine liposomes there was no difference in sensitivity to malonyl-CoA. When partly purified enzyme from fed rats was reconstituted into liposomes prepared from microsomal membrane lipids from fed animals it was 2.2-fold more sensitive to malonyl-CoA than when reconstituted with liposomes prepared from microsomal membrane lipids from starved animals. This suggests that the physiological changes in sensitivity to malonyl-CoA are mediated via changes in membrane lipid composition rather than via modification of the enzyme protein itself. The increased specific actvity of acyltransferase observed on starvation could not be attributed to changes in membrane lipid composition.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC1218209 | BioStudies | 1997-01-01

SECONDARY ACCESSION(S): 10.1042/bj3220435

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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