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A comparative radiation hybrid map of bovine chromosome 18 and homologous chromosomes in human and mice.

ABSTRACT: A comprehensive radiation hybrid (RH) map and a high resolution comparative map of Bos taurus (BTA) chromosome 18 were constructed, composed of 103 markers and 76 markers, respectively, by using a cattle-hamster somatic hybrid cell panel and a 5,000 rad whole-genome radiation hybrid (WGRH) panel. These maps include 65 new assignments (56 genes, 3 expressed-sequence tags, 6 microsatellites) and integrate 38 markers from the first generation WGRH(5,000) map of BTA18. Fifty-nine assignments of coding sequences were supported by somatic hybrid cell mapping to markers on BTA18. The total length of the comprehensive map was 1666 cR(5,000). Break-point positions within the chromosome were refined and a new telomeric RH linkage group was established. Conserved synteny between cattle, human, and mouse was found for 76 genes of BTA18 and human chromosomes (HSA) 16 and 19 and for 34 cattle genes and mouse chromosomes (MMU) 7 and 8. The new RH map is potentially useful for the identification of candidate genes for economically important traits, contributes to the expansion of the existing BTA18 gene map, and provides new information about the chromosome evolution in cattle, humans, and mice.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC122326 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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