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A second locus for an axonal form of autosomal recessive Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease maps to chromosome 19q13.3.

ABSTRACT: Autosomal recessive Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT) represents a heterogeneous group of disorders affecting the peripheral nervous system. The axonal form of the disease is designated as "CMT type 2" (CMT2), and one locus (1q21.2-q21.3) has been reported for the autosomal recessive form. Here we report the results of a genomewide search in an inbred Costa Rican family (CR-1) affected with autosomal recessive CMT2. By analyzing three branches of the family we detected linkage to the 19q13.3 region, and subsequent homozygosity mapping defined shared haplotypes between markers D19S902 and D19S907 in a 5.5-cM range. A maximum two-point LOD score of 9.08 was obtained for marker D19S867, at a recombination fraction of.00, which strongly supports linkage to this locus. The epithelial membrane protein 3 gene, encoding a PMP22 homologous protein and located on 19q13.3, was ruled out as being responsible for this form of CMT. The age at onset of chronic symmetric sensory-motor polyneuropathy was 28-42 years (mean 33.8 years); the electrophysiological data clearly reflect an axonal degenerative process. The phenotype and locus are different from those of demyelinating CMT4F, recently mapped to 19q13.1-13.3; hence, the disease affecting the Costa Rican family constitutes an axonal, autosomal recessive CMT subtype (ARCMT2B).


PROVIDER: S-EPMC1234926 | BioStudies | 2001-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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