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Myosin 2 is a key Rho kinase target necessary for the local concentration of E-cadherin at cell-cell contacts.

ABSTRACT: Classical cadherins accumulate at cell-cell contacts as a characteristic response to productive adhesive ligation. Such local accumulation of cadherins is a developmentally regulated process that supports cell adhesiveness and cell-cell cohesion. Yet the molecular effectors responsible for cadherin accumulation remain incompletely understood. We now report that Myosin 2 is critical for cells to concentrate E-cadherin at cell-cell contacts. Myosin 2 is found at cadherin-based cell-cell contacts and its recruitment requires E-cadherin activity. Indeed, both Myosin 2 recruitment and its activation were stimulated by E-cadherin homophilic ligation alone. Inhibition of Myosin 2 activity by blebbistatin or ML-7 rapidly impaired the ability of cells to concentrate E-cadherin at adhesive contacts, accompanied by decreased cadherin-based cell adhesiveness. The total surface expression of cadherins was unaffected, suggesting that Myosin 2 principally regulates the regional distribution of cadherins at the cell surface. The recruitment of Myosin 2 to cadherin contacts, and its activation, required Rho kinase; furthermore, inhibition of Rho kinase signaling effectively phenocopied the effects of Myosin 2 inhibition. We propose that Myosin 2 is a key effector of Rho-Rho kinase signaling that regulates cell-cell adhesion by determining the ability of cells to concentrate cadherins at contacts in response to homophilic ligation.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC1237062 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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