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Fast-scanning atomic force microscopy reveals the ATP/ADP-dependent conformational changes of GroEL.

ABSTRACT: In order to fold non-native proteins, chaperonin GroEL undergoes numerous conformational changes and GroES binding in the ATP-dependent reaction cycle. We constructed the real-time three-dimensional-observation system at high resolution using a newly developed fast-scanning atomic force microscope. Using this system, we visualized the GroES binding to and dissociation from individual GroEL with a lifetime of 6 s (k=0.17 s(-1)). We also caught ATP/ADP-induced open-closed conformational changes of individual GroEL in the absence of qGroES and substrate proteins. Namely, the ATP/ADP-bound GroEL can change its conformation 'from closed to open' without additional ATP hydrolysis. Furthermore, the lifetime of open conformation in the presence of ADP ( approximately 1.0 s) was apparently lower than those of ATP and ATP-analogs (2-3 s), meaning that ADP-bound open-form is structurally less stable than ATP-bound open-form. These results indicate that GroEL has at least two distinct open-conformations in the presence of nucleotide; ATP-bound prehydrolysis open-form and ADP-bound open-form, and the ATP hydrolysis in open-form destabilizes its open-conformation and induces the 'from open to closed' conformational change of GroEL.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC1590003 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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