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Monocomponent chemoembolization in oral and oropharyngeal cancer using an aqueous crystal suspension of cisplatin.

ABSTRACT: Intensification of intra-arterial chemotherapy with high-dose cisplatin and concomitant reduction of toxicity under the conditions of the head and neck was aimed at by combination of antineoplastic activity and embolizing effect in the same pharmacon. A cisplatin suspension in normal saline (5 mg in 1 ml) with precipitation of microembolizing cisplatin crystals was prepared. No additional pharmacons. Cisplatin dosage was 150 mg m(-2), maximum absolute dose 300 mg, maximum amount of fluid 60 ml. Thirty patients (UICC-Classification of tumours: I/2 patients, II/6, III/2; IV/20) were treated in a neoadjuvant setting with superselective chemoembolization using the cisplatin suspension. A control group (n=30) with the same tumour and nodal staging was treated with a usual cisplatin solution (150 mg m(-2) dissolved in 500 ml saline). In both groups, parallel intravenous infusion of sodium thiosulphate (9 g m(-2)). Endpoints were toxicity and response. Continuation of treatment by surgery or radiation. Overall remission was 70% in the study group and 46.7% in the control group after one cycle respectively. Systemic side-effects were very low (grade I WHO) in both groups. Side-effects were found to be similar to post-embolization syndrome (swelling, mild to moderate pain, leucocytosis without fever) in the study group. Chemoembolization in the head and neck area can be carried out routinely using this method.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC2375182 | BioStudies | 2002-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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