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Cdc6 and cyclin E2 are PTEN-regulated genes associated with human prostate cancer metastasis.

ABSTRACT: Phosphatase and tensin homolog deleted on chromosome 10 (PTEN) is frequently inactivated in metastatic prostate cancer, yet the molecular consequences of this and their association with the metastatic phenotype are incompletely understood. We performed transcriptomic analysis and identified genes altered by conditional PTEN reexpression in C4-2, a human metastatic prostate cancer cell line with inactive PTEN. PTEN-regulated genes were disproportionately represented among genes altered in human prostate cancer progression and metastasis but not among those associated with tumorigenesis. From the former set, we identified two novel putative PTEN targets, cdc6 and cyclin E2, which were overexpressed in metastatic human prostate cancer and up-regulated as a function of PTEN depletion in poorly metastatic DU145 human prostate cancer cells harboring a wild type PTEN. Inhibition of cdc6 and cyclin E2 levels as a consequence of PTEN expression was associated with cell cycle G(1) arrest, whereas use of PTEN activity mutants revealed that regulation of these genes was dependent on PTEN lipid phosphatase activity. Computational and promoter-reporter evaluations implicated the E2F transcription factor in PTEN regulation of cdc6 and cyclin E2 expression. Our results suggest a hypothetical model whereby PTEN loss upregulates cell cycle genes such as cdc6 and cyclin E2 that in turn promote metastatic colonization at distant sites.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC2606120 | BioStudies |

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