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A free-energy approach for all-atom protein simulation.

ABSTRACT: All-atom free-energy methods offer a promising alternative to kinetic molecular mechanics simulations of protein folding and association. Here we report an accurate, transferable all-atom biophysical force field (PFF02) that stabilizes the native conformation of a wide range of proteins as the global optimum of the free-energy landscape. For 32 proteins of the ROSETTA decoy set and six proteins that we have previously folded with PFF01, we find near-native conformations with an average backbone RMSD of 2.14 A to the native conformation and an average Z-score of -3.46 to the corresponding decoy set. We used nonequilibrium sampling techniques starting from completely extended conformations to exhaustively sample the energy surface of three nonhomologous hairpin-peptides, a three-stranded beta-sheet, the all-helical 40 amino-acid HIV accessory protein, and a zinc-finger beta beta alpha motif, and find near-native conformations for the minimal energy for each protein. Using a massively parallel evolutionary algorithm, we also obtain a near-native low-energy conformation for the 54 amino-acid engrailed homeodomain. Our force field thus stabilized near-native conformations for a total of 20 proteins of all structure classes with an average RMSD of only 3.06 A to their respective experimental conformations.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC2711412 | BioStudies | 2009-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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