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Early intervention during imatinib therapy in patients with newly diagnosed chronic-phase chronic myeloid leukemia: a study of the Spanish PETHEMA group.

ABSTRACT: Despite the favorable results of imatinib front line in chronic-phase chronic myeloid leukemia there is room for improvement.Early intervention during imatinib therapy was undertaken in 210 adults with chronic-phase chronic myeloid leukemia less than three months from diagnosis (Sokal high risk: 16%). Patients received imatinib 400 mg/day. At three months, dose was increased if complete hematologic response was not achieved. At six months, patients in complete cytogenetic response were kept on 400 mg and the remainder randomized to higher imatinib dose or 400 mg plus interferon-alfa. At 18 months, randomized patients were switched to a 2(nd) generation tyrosine kinase inhibitor if not in complete cytogenetic response and imatinib dose increased in non-randomized patients not in major molecular response.Seventy-two percent of patients started imatinib within one month from diagnosis. Median follow-up is 50.5 (range: 1.2-78) months. At three months 4 patients did not have complete hematologic response; at six months 73.8% were in complete cytogenetic response; among the remainder, 9 could not be randomized (toxicity or consent withdrawal), 17 were assigned to high imatinib dose, and 15 to 400 mg + interferon-alpha. The low number of randomized patients precluded comparison between the two arms. Cumulative response at three years was: complete hematologic response 98.6%, complete cytogenetic response 90% and major molecular response 82%. On an intention-to-treat basis, complete cytogenetic response was 78.8% at 18 months. At five years, survival was 97.5%, survival free from accelerated/blastic phase 94.3%, failure free survival 82.5%, and event free survival (including permanent imatinib discontinuation) 71.5%.These results indicate the benefit of early intervention during imatinib therapy (ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT00390897).

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