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Identification and molecular characterization of numerous Histomonas meleagridis proteins using a cDNA library.

ABSTRACT: SUMMARYHistomonas meleagridis is a protozoan parasite of various galliform birds causing a type of enterohepatitis termed histomonosis or 'blackhead disease'. Due to the ban of chemotherapeutic substances and an increase in free-range poultry production, histomonosis is currently a re-emerging disease. So far limited molecular knowledge is available. In the present work, mRNAs coding for antigenic proteins of H. meleagridis were identified. For this purpose, a cDNA expression library was constructed from a mono-eukaryotic culture of H. meleagridis. The library was screened with polyclonal rabbit serum raised against purified H. meleagridis trophozoites. Polyclonal rabbit serum specifically recognized the same major H. meleagridis antigens as chicken and turkey sera originating from animal trials, but displayed a significantly lower bacteria-dependent background signal. After 2 rounds of screening, a total of 95 positive clones were sequenced. Bioinformatics analyses were performed on nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences, identifying 37 unique clones. Based on the homology to other protozoan parasites, mostly Trichomonas vaginalis, the clones were grouped according to functional aspects: structural proteins, possible surface proteins, oxygen reducing proteins, ribosomal proteins, protein kinases and various other intracellular proteins.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC2957082 | BioStudies |

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