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Unusual heme binding in the bacterial iron response regulator protein: spectral characterization of heme binding to the heme regulatory motif.

ABSTRACT: We characterized heme binding in the bacterial iron response regulator (Irr) protein, which is a simple heme-regulated protein having a single "heme-regulatory motif", HRM, and plays a key role in the iron homeostasis of a nitrogen-fixing bacterium. The heme titration to wild-type and mutant Irr clearly showed that Irr has two heme binding sites: one of the heme binding sites is in the HRM, where (29)Cys is the axial ligand, and the other one, the secondary heme binding site, is located outside of the HRM. The Raman line for the Fe-S stretching mode observed at 333 cm(-1) unambiguously confirmed heme binding to Cys. The lower frequency of the Fe-S stretching mode corresponds to the weaker Fe-S bond, and the broad Raman line of the Fe-S bond suggests multiple configurations of heme binding. These structural characteristics are definitely different from those of typical hemoproteins. The unusual heme binding in Irr was also evident in the EPR spectra. The characteristic g-values of the 5-coordinate Cys-ligated heme and 6-coordinate His/His-ligated heme were observed, while the multiple configurations of heme binding were also confirmed. Such multiple heme configurations are not encountered for typical hemoproteins where the heme functions as the active center. Therefore, we conclude that heme binding to HRM in the heme-regulated protein, Irr, is quite different from that in conventional hemoproteins but characteristic of heme-regulated proteins using heme as the signaling molecule.

SUBMITTER: Ishikawa H 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC3043289 | BioStudies | 2011-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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