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ABSTRACT: The title compound, [Ni(C(40)H(28)N(4)O)], was obtained from a Grignard reaction of the respective formyl-porphyrin to yield {5-[hy-droxy(phen-yl)meth-yl]-10,20-diphenyl-porphyrinato}nickel(II), followed by crystallization from methyl-ene chloride/methanol. The mol-ecule exhibits a ruffled macrocycle with an average deviation of the 24 macrocycle atoms from their least-squares plane (?24) of 0.26?Å and an average Ni-N bond length of 1.931?(2)?Å. In line with the asymmetrical substituent pattern, the degree of distortion is slightly larger at point of attachment of the meth-oxy(phen-yl)methyl residue than at the unsubstituted meso position. The meth-oxy group attached to the chiral C atom is disordered in a 0.534?(4):0.466?(4) ratio.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC3051756 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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