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Poly[[octa-aqua-tetra-kis-(?(3)-pyridine-2,5-dicarboxyl-ato)copper(II)diytterbium(III)] monohydrate].

ABSTRACT: The asymmetric unit of the title heterometallic polymeric coordination compound, {[CuYb(2)(C(7)H(3)NO(4))(4)(H(2)O)(8)]·H(2)O}(n), contains one Cu(II) cation located on an inversion center, a Yb(III) cation, two pyridine-2,5-dicarboxyl-ate (pda) anions, four coordination water mol-ecules a disordered lattice water molecule, which is half-occupied and is located close to an inversion center. The Cu(II) cation is N,O-chelated by two pda anions in the coordination basal plane and further coordinated by two carboxyl O atoms at the apical positions, with an elongated octa-hedral geometry. The Yb(III) atom is eight-coordinated in a distorted square-anti-prismatic geometry formed by two carboxyl-ate O atoms from two pda anions, and is N,O-chelated by one pda anion and four coordinated water mol-ecules. The pda anions bridge adjacent Yb and Cu cations, forming a three-dimensional polymeric structure. The crystal structure features extensive O-H?O hydrogen bonds. ?-? stacking is observed between parallel pyridine rings, the centroid-centroid distance being 3.843?(4)?Å.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC3089069 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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