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A randomized, controlled trial comparing local infiltration analgesia with epidural infusion for total knee arthroplasty.

ABSTRACT: There have been few studies describing wound infiltration with additional intraarticular administration of multimodal analgesia for total knee arthroplasty (TKA). In this study, we assessed the efficacy of wound infiltration combined with intraarticular regional analgesia with epidural infusion on analgesic requirements and postoperative pain after TKA.40 consecutive patients undergoing elective, primary TKA were randomized into 2 groups to receive either (1) intraoperative wound infiltration with 150 mL ropivacaine (2 mg/mL), 1 mL ketorolac (30 mg/mL), and 0.5 mL epinephrine (1 mg/mL) (total volume 152 mL) combined with intraarticular infusion (4 mL/h) of 190 mL ropivacaine (2 mg/mL) plus 2 mL ketorolac (30 mg/mL) (group A), or (2) epidural infusion (4 mL/h) of 192 mL ropivacaine (2 mg/mL) combined with 6 intravenous administrations of 0.5 mL ketorolac (30 mg/mL) for 48 h postoperatively (group E). For rescue analgesia, intravenous patient-controlled-analgesia (PCA) morphine was used. Morphine consumption, intensity of knee pain (0–100 mm visual analog scale), and side effects were recorded. Length of stay and corrected length of stay were also recorded (the day-patients fulfilled discharge criteria).The median cumulated morphine consumption, pain scores at rest, and pain scores during mobilization were reduced in group A compared to group E. Corrected length of stay was reduced by 25% in group A compared to group E.Peri- and intraarticular analgesia with multimodal drugs provided superior pain relief and reduced morphine consumption compared with continuous epidural infusion with ropivacaine combined with intravenous ketorolac after TKA.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC3214751 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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