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New species of Homidia (Collembola, Entomobryidae) from eastern China with description of the first instar larvae.

ABSTRACT: Morphology of the first instar larvae of Collembola has considerably taxonomical and phylogenetic significance. We describe the first instar larvae for the first time in Homidia. External morphology of first instar larvae and adults of Homidia jordanai sp. n. is described based on observations under light and scanning electron microscopes. Most organs of adults bear considerably more setae than the first instar larvae; in addition, first instar larval Homidia lack labial seta R, seta on tenaculum, mucronal spine, and dental spines. The new species is characterized by weakly pigmented body, long antennae subequal to body in length, 1+1 inner macrochaetae on Abd. III, few inner macrochaetae on posterior Abd. IV, and spiny and short seta pi on dental base. Differences between new species and other two similar ones, taxonomical significance of the first instar larvae and the position of Homidia are also discussed.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC3234423 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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