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Changes in lipoprotein subfraction concentration and composition in healthy individuals treated with the CETP inhibitor anacetrapib.

ABSTRACT: We investigated the effects of the cholesteryl ester (CE) transfer protein inhibitor anacetrapib (ANA) on plasma lipids, lipoprotein subfraction concentrations, and lipoprotein composition in 30 healthy individuals. Participants (n = 30) were randomized to ANA 20 mg/day, 150 mg/day, or placebo for 2 weeks. Changes in concentration of lipoprotein subfractions were assessed using ion mobility, and compositional analyses were performed on fractions separated by density gradient ultracentrifugation. ANA 150 mg/day versus placebo resulted in significant decreases in LDL-cholesterol (26%) and apo B (29%) and increases in HDL-cholesterol (82%). Concentrations of medium and small VLDL, large intermediate density lipoprotein (IDL), and medium and small LDL (LDL2a, 2b, and 3a) decreased whereas levels of very small and dense LDL4b were increased. There was enrichment of triglycerides and reduction of CE in VLDL, IDL, and the densest LDL fraction. Levels of large buoyant HDL particles were substantially increased, and there was enrichment of CE, apo AI, and apoCIII, but not apoAII or apoE, in the mid-HDL density range. Changes in lipoprotein subfraction concentrations and composition with ANA 20 mg/day were similar to those for ANA 150 mg/day but were generally smaller in magnitude. The impact of these changes on cardiovascular risk remains to be determined.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC3276477 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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