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Characterization of Pax2 expression in the goldfish optic nerve head during retina regeneration.

ABSTRACT: The Pax2 transcription factor plays a crucial role in axon-guidance and astrocyte differentiation in the optic nerve head (ONH) during vertebrate visual system development. However, little is known about its function during regeneration. The fish visual system is in continuous growth and can regenerate. Müller cells and astrocytes of the retina and ONH play an important role in these processes. We demonstrate that pax2a in goldfish is highly conserved and at least two pax2a transcripts are expressed in the optic nerve. Moreover, we show two different astrocyte populations in goldfish: Pax2(+) astrocytes located in the ONH and S100(+) astrocytes distributed throughout the retina and the ONH. After peripheral growth zone (PGZ) cryolesion, both Pax2(+) and S100(+) astrocytes have different responses. At 7 days after injury the number of Pax2(+) cells is reduced and coincides with the absence of young axons. In contrast, there is an increase of S100(+) astrocytes in the retina surrounding the ONH and S100(+) processes in the ONH. At 15 days post injury, the PGZ starts to regenerate and the number of S100(+) astrocytes increases in this region. Moreover, the regenerating axons reach the ONH and the pax2a gene expression levels and the number of Pax2(+) cells increase. At the same time, S100(+)/GFAP(+)/GS(+) astrocytes located in the posterior ONH react strongly. In the course of the regeneration, Müller cell vitreal processes surrounding the ONH are primarily disorganized and later increase in number. During the whole regenerative process we detect a source of Pax2(+)/PCNA(+) astrocytes surrounding the posterior ONH. We demonstrate that pax2a expression and the Pax2(+) astrocyte population in the ONH are modified during the PGZ regeneration, suggesting that they could play an important role in this process.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC3288081 | BioStudies |

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