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Automated regional analysis of B-mode ultrasound images of skeletal muscle movement.

ABSTRACT: To understand the functional significance of skeletal muscle anatomy, a method of quantifying local shape changes in different tissue structures during dynamic tasks is required. Taking advantage of the good spatial and temporal resolution of B-mode ultrasound imaging, we describe a method of automatically segmenting images into fascicle and aponeurosis regions and tracking movement of features, independently, in localized portions of each tissue. Ultrasound images (25 Hz) of the medial gastrocnemius muscle were collected from eight participants during ankle joint rotation (2° and 20°), isometric contractions (1, 5, and 50 Nm), and deep knee bends. A Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi feature tracker was used to identify and track any distinctive and persistent features within the image sequences. A velocity field representation of local movement was then found and subdivided between fascicle and aponeurosis regions using segmentations from a multiresolution active shape model (ASM). Movement in each region was quantified by interpolating the effect of the fields on a set of probes. ASM segmentation results were compared with hand-labeled data, while aponeurosis and fascicle movement were compared with results from a previously documented cross-correlation approach. ASM provided good image segmentations (<1 mm average error), with fully automatic initialization possible in sequences from seven participants. Feature tracking provided similar length change results to the cross-correlation approach for small movements, while outperforming it in larger movements. The proposed method provides the potential to distinguish between active and passive changes in muscle shape and model strain distributions during different movements/conditions and quantify nonhomogeneous strain along aponeuroses.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC3349610 | BioStudies | 2012-01-01T00:00:00Z

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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