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Apo-intermediate in the transport cycle of lactose permease (LacY).

ABSTRACT: The lactose permease (LacY) catalyzes coupled stoichiometric symport of a galactoside and an H(+). Crystal structures reveal 12, mostly irregular, transmembrane ?-helices surrounding a cavity with sugar- and H(+)- binding sites at the apex, which is accessible from the cytoplasm and sealed on the periplasmic side (an inward-facing conformer). An outward-facing model has also been proposed based on biochemical and spectroscopic measurements, as well as the X-ray structure of a related symporter. Converging lines of evidence demonstrate that LacY functions by an alternating access mechanism. Here, we generate a model for an apo-intermediate of LacY based on crystallographic coordinates of LacY and the oligopeptide/H(+) symporter. The model exhibits a conformation with an occluded cavity inaccessible from either side of the membrane. Furthermore, kinetic considerations and double electron-electron resonance measurements suggest that another occluded conformer with bound sugar exists during turnover. An energy profile for symport is also presented.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC3497813 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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