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Multimodal interventional molecular imaging of tumor margins and distant metastases by targeting ?v?3 integrin.

ABSTRACT: ?(v)?(3) integrin is involved in (tumor-induced) angiogenesis and is a promising candidate for the specific visualization of both primary tumors and of their distant metastases. Combination of radioactive and fluorescent imaging labels in a single multimodal, or rather hybrid, RGD-based imaging agent enables integration of pre-, intra-, and postoperative angiogenesis imaging. A hybrid imaging agent targeting the ?(v)?(3) integrin--(111)In-MSAP-RGD (MSAP = multifunctional single-attachment-point reagent), which contains a targeting moiety, a pentetic acid (DTPA) chelate, and a cyanine dye--was evaluated for its potential value in combined lesion detection and interventional molecular imaging in a 4T1 mouse breast cancer model. SPECT/CT and fluorescence imaging were used to visualize the tumor in vivo. Tracer distribution was evaluated ex vivo down to the microscopic level. The properties of (111)In-MSAP-RGD were compared with those of (111)In-DTPA-RGD. Biodistribution studies revealed a prolonged retention and increased tumor accumulation of (111)In-MSAP-RGD relative to (111)In-DTPA-RGD. With (111)In-MSAP-RGD, identical features could be visualized preoperatively (SPECT/CT) and intraoperatively (fluorescence imaging). As well as the primary tumor, (111)In-MSAP-RGD also enabled detection and accurate excision of distant metastases in the head and neck region of the mice. Therefore, the hybrid RGD derivative (111)In-MSAP-RGD shows potential in preoperative planning and fluorescence-based surgical intervention.

SUBMITTER: Bunschoten A 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC3498954 | BioStudies | 2012-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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