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CADM1 is expressed as multiple alternatively spliced functional and dysfunctional isoforms in human mast cells.

ABSTRACT: Cell adhesion molecule 1 (CADM1) is implicated in the pathogenesis of several diseases and is responsible for adhesion and survival of mast cells (MCs). Differential expression of CADM1 isoforms was found in different species. We previously cloned SP4, SP1, SP6 and a dysfunctional isoform from human lung MCs (HLMCs) and the MC line HMC-1. The aim of this study was to identify all isoforms expressed in human MCs. The functional isoforms SP4, SP1, SP6 and SP3, with alternative splicing between exons 7/11, were detected in human MCs by RT-PCR. Two dysfunctional isoforms with alternative splicing of cryptic exons A and B between exons 1/2, leading to premature termination of translation, were found in ?40% of MC specimens. Sequencing of genomic DNA showed that splicing of cryptic exon B did not result from specific SNPs within this exon or its putative splice branch point. Highly glycosylated CADM1 (?105 kDa) was detected by western blotting, but an extracellular domain (?95 kDa) was found only in the culture medium from HLMCs, but not HMC-1 cells, indicating differential protein expression. Transfection of SP1 and SP6, but not SP4, reduced adhesion of HMC-1 cells to human lung fibroblasts but not airway smooth muscle cells. Hence, dysfunctional and functional CADM1 isoforms are found in human MCs. The longer SP1 and SP6 were most evident in differentiated HLMCs and displayed differential adhesion compared to SP4. These multiple isoforms are likely to contribute to MC function in both health and disease.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC3550521 | BioStudies | 2013-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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