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Id2 influences differentiation of killer cell lectin-like receptor G1(hi) short-lived CD8+ effector T cells.

ABSTRACT: CD8(+) T cells play a crucial role in the clearance of intracellular pathogens through the generation of cytotoxic effector cells that eliminate infected cells and long-lived memory cells that provide enhanced protection against reinfection. We have previously shown that the inhibitor of E protein transcription factors, Id2, is necessary for accumulation of effector and memory CD8(+) T cells during infection. In this study, we show that CD8(+) T cells lacking Id2 did not generate a robust terminally differentiated killer cell lectin-like receptor G1 (KLRG1)(hi) effector population, but displayed a cell-surface phenotype and cytokine profile consistent with memory precursors, raising the question as to whether loss of Id2 impairs the differentiation and/or survival of effector memory cells. We found that deletion of Bim rescued Id2-deficient CD8(+) cell survival during infection. However, the dramatic reduction in KLRG1(hi) cells caused by loss of Id2 remained in the absence of Bim, such that Id2/Bim double-deficient cells form an exclusively KLRG1(lo)CD127(hi) memory precursor population. Thus, we describe a role for Id2 in both the survival and differentiation of normal CD8(+) effector and memory populations.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC3563862 | BioStudies | 2013-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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