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Keratinocyte overexpression of IL-17C promotes psoriasiform skin inflammation.

ABSTRACT: IL-17C is a functionally distinct member of the IL-17 family that binds IL-17 receptor E/A to promote innate defense in epithelial cells and regulate Th17 cell differentiation. We demonstrate that IL-17C (not IL-17A) is the most abundant IL-17 isoform in lesional psoriasis skin (1058 versus 8 pg/ml; p < 0.006) and localizes to keratinocytes (KCs), endothelial cells (ECs), and leukocytes. ECs stimulated with IL-17C produce increased TNF-? and KCs stimulated with IL-17C/TNF-? produce similar inflammatory gene response patterns as those elicited by IL-17A/TNF-?, including increases in IL-17C, TNF-?, IL-8, IL-1?/?, IL-1F5, IL-1F9, IL-6, IL-19, CCL20, S100A7/A8/A9, DEFB4, lipocalin 2, and peptidase inhibitor 3 (p < 0.05), indicating a positive proinflammatory feedback loop between the epidermis and ECs. Psoriasis patients treated with etanercept rapidly decrease cutaneous IL-17C levels, suggesting IL-17C/TNF-?-mediated inflammatory signaling is critical for psoriasis pathogenesis. Mice genetically engineered to overexpress IL-17C in KCs develop well-demarcated areas of erythematous, flakey involved skin adjacent to areas of normal-appearing uninvolved skin despite increased IL-17C expression in both areas (p < 0.05). Uninvolved skin displays increased angiogenesis and elevated S100A8/A9 expression (p < 0.05) but no epidermal hyperplasia, whereas involved skin exhibits robust epidermal hyperplasia, increased angiogenesis and leukocyte infiltration, and upregulated TNF-?, IL-1?/?, IL-17A/F, IL-23p19, vascular endothelial growth factor, IL-6, and CCL20 (p < 0.05), suggesting that IL-17C, when coupled with other proinflammatory signals, initiates the development of psoriasiform dermatitis. This skin phenotype was significantly improved following 8 wk of TNF-? inhibition. These findings identify a role for IL-17C in skin inflammation and suggest a pathogenic function for the elevated IL-17C observed in lesional psoriasis skin.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC3577967 | BioStudies |

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