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Oral vaccination with an adenovirus-vectored vaccine protects against botulism.

ABSTRACT: We have previously shown that an adenovirus vectored vaccine delivered intramuscularly or intranasally was effective in protection against botulism in a mouse model. The adenoviral vector encodes a human codon-optimized heavy chain C-fragment (H(C)50) of botulinum neurotoxin type C (BoNT/C). Here, we evaluate the same vaccine candidate as an oral vaccine against BoNT/C in a mouse model. To elicit protective immunity, the mice were orally vaccinated with a single dose of 1×10(4) to 1×10(7)plaque forming units (pfu) of the adenoviral vector. The immune sera, collected six weeks after oral vaccination with 2×10(7)pfu adenovirus, have shown an ability to neutralize the biological activity of BoNT/C in vitro. Additionally, animals receiving a single dose of 2×10(6)pfu adenovirus or greater were completely protected against challenge with 100×MLD(50) of BoNT/C. The data demonstrated the feasibility to develop an adenovirus-based oral vaccine against botulism.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC3614485 | BioStudies |

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