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ABCC6 Mutation in Patients with Angioid Streaks.

ABSTRACT: Angioid streaks (AS) are hereditary eye conditions caused by breaks in the elastic layer of Bruch's membrane. Patients with AS are also frequently affected with pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE). The locus of PXE has been reported to exist in chromosome 16p13.1, and the ABCC6 gene in this locus has been identified as the causal gene of PXE. In this study we investigated the association of the ABCC6 gene and AS. Elucidation of the causal gene of AS will be useful for gene diagnosis in the future. Many mutations in patients with PXE are found in exons 24 and 27 of the ABCC6 gene in previous reports. Therefore, we examined exons 24 and 27 of the ABCC6 gene using the single-strand conformation polymorphism technique. There was no mutation or polymorphism in exon 24. The base substitution of G3803A was identified in exon 27, with a change in the amino acid from CGG to CAG (R1268Q). The genotype frequencies in patients with AS were G/G 52% (23/44), G/A 32% (14/44) and A/A 16% (14/44). In control subjects, the genotype frequencies were G/G 69% (107/154), G/A 29% (44/154) and A/A 2% (3/154). Highly significant differences were observed in both genotype and allele frequencies of R1268Q between patients with AS and control subjects (p<0.001, p<0.002; chi-square test). In conclusion, the missense mutation R1268Q in the ABCC6 gene is not a specific marker of PXE, but is associated with the disease state of AS.

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