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Paralogous ribosomal protein l32-1 and l32-2 in fission yeast may function distinctively in cellular proliferation and quiescence by changing the ratio of rpl32 paralogs.

ABSTRACT: Fission yeast cells express Rpl32-2 highly while Rpl32-1 lowly in log phase; in contrast, expression of Rpl32-1 raises and reaches a peak level while Rpl32-2 is downregulated to a low basic level when cells enter into stationary phase. Overexpression of Rpl32-1 inhibits cell growth while overexpression of Rpl32-2 does not. Deleting rpl32-2 impairs cell growth more severely than deleting rpl32-1 does. Cell growth impaired by deleting either paralog can be rescued completely by reintroducing rpl32-2, but only partly by rpl32-1. Overexpression of Rpl32-1 inhibits cell division, yielding 4c DNA and multiple septa, while overexpressed Rpl32-2 promotes it. Transcriptomics analysis proved that Rpl32 paralogs regulate expression of a subset of genes related with cell division and stress response in a distinctive way. This functional difference of the two paralogs is due to their difference of 95(th) amino acid residue. The significance of a competitive inhibition between Rpl32 paralogs on their expression is discussed.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC3618328 | BioStudies | 2013-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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