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Polymorphisms of survivin and its protein expression are associated with colorectal cancer susceptibility in Chinese population.

ABSTRACT: To investigate the association of survivin -31G/C, -141G/C, and -241T/C polymorphisms with colorectal cancer (CRC) susceptibility and explore the mechanisms of the survivin polymorphism in CRC development. A case-control study was conducted of 275 CRC cases and 270 healthy controls. Polymorphisms of survivin -31G/C, -141G/C, and -241T/C were genotyped by polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism. Survivin and Ki-67 expression was analyzed by immunohistochemistry by the Envision technique for the paraffin sections of 152 CRC. It showed that the -31G/C genotype and allele distribution were significantly different between the CRC cases and controls. The -31CC genotype and -31C allele were over-represented among the CRC cases. Compared with the CC genotype, the GC and GG genotypes had a significantly decreased risk of CRC (p=0.015). Survivin and Ki-67 expression of patients with the CC genotype was significantly higher than the patients with the GC and GG genotypes. In addition, a significantly positive correlation was found between expression of Survivin and Ki-67. There were no significant difference of the -141G/C and -241T/C polymorphism distributions among cases and controls. Survivin 31G/C may adjust the Survivin expression, and it might contribute to a risk of developing CRC.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC3651681 | BioStudies |

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