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Development and validation of a sensitive LC-MS/MS method for the determination of fenoterol in human plasma and urine samples.

ABSTRACT: Due to the lack of sensitivity in current methods for the determination of fenoterol (Fen), a rapid LC-MS/MS method was developed for the determination of (R,R')-Fen and (R,R';S,S')-Fen in plasma and urine. The method was fully validated and was linear from 50pg/ml to 2000pg/ml for plasma and from 2.500ng/ml to 160ng/ml for urine with a lower limit of quantitation of 52.8pg/ml in plasma. The coefficient of variation was <15% for the high QC standards and <10% for the low QC standards in plasma and was <15% for the high and low QC standards in urine. The relative concentrations of (R,R')-Fen and (S,S')-Fen were determined using a chirobiotic T chiral stationary phase. The method was used to determine the concentration of (R,R')-Fen in plasma and urine samples obtained in an oral cross-over study of (R,R')-Fen and (R,R';S,S')-Fen formulations. The results demonstrated a potential pre-systemic enantioselective interaction in which the (S,S')-Fen reduces the sulfation of the active (R,R')-Fen. The data suggest that a non-racemic mixture of the Fen enantiomers may provide better bioavailability of the active (R,R')-Fen for use in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC3767123 | BioStudies | 2013-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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