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Identification of genes involved in wild crucifer Rorippa indica resistance response on mustard aphid Lipaphis erysimi challenge.

ABSTRACT: Mustard aphid, Lipaphis erysimi (L.) Kaltenbach is a perpetual annual threat in the cultivation of rapeseed- mustard (Brassica spp.) crop in tropical and sub-tropical climate. Cultivated Brassica germplasm has failed so far to provide any source of resistance. Wild germplasm is a potential source of resistance against many threatening herbivores. On wild germplasm screening, we noted that the wild crucifer Rorippa indica (L.) Hiern confers resistance against L. erysimi. In the present study L. erysimi challenged transcriptome of R. indica was compared to un-infested R. indica sample to get a molecular insight about the aphid resistance mechanism and identify the candidate defense response genes. Cloning, sequencing and in silico sequence analysis of complimentary DNA amplified fragment length polymorphism identified 116 differentially expressed transcript derived fragments revealed thirty candidates which are from different functional categories including redox regulation, signalling, photosynthesis, structure, metabolism, defense response as well as a few of unknown function. Twenty four identifications were then studied by quantitative real time RT PCR analysis at 6, 12, 24 and 48 hour time point post infestation to understand the early-to-late defense response through their relative gene expression profiles. Seventeen fragments showed significant up or down regulation at p<0.05 level. The response was influenced by different phytohormonal signalling pathways simultaneously. The candidate defense response expressed sequence tags specifically for the resistance genes identified in this study have implication in building desired mustard aphid resistance in susceptible rapeseed-mustard plants in future. This is the first molecular report on crucifer defense response against mustard aphid L. erysimi.

SUBMITTER: Bandopadhyay L 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC3767759 | BioStudies | 2013-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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