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Oral delivery system prolongs blood circulation of docetaxel nanocapsules via lymphatic absorption.

ABSTRACT: An original oral formulation of docetaxel nanocapsules (NCs) embedded in microparticles elicited in rats a higher bioavailability compared with the i.v. administration of the commercial docetaxel solution, Taxotere. In the present study, various animal studies were designed to elucidate the absorption process of docetaxel from such a delivery system. Again, the docetaxel NC formulation elicited a marked enhanced absorption compared with oral Taxotere in minipigs, resulting in relative bioavailability and Cmax values 10- and 8.4-fold higher, respectively, confirming the previous rat study results. It was revealed that orally absorbed NCs altered the elimination and distribution of docetaxel, as shown in the organ biodistribution rat study, due to their reinforced coating, while transiting through the enterocytes by surface adsorption of apoproteins and phospholipids. These findings were demonstrated by the cryogenic-temperature transmission electron microscopy results and confirmed by the use of a chylomicron flow blocker, cycloheximide, that prevented the oral absorption of docetaxel from the NC formulation in an independent pharmacokinetic study. The lipoproteinated NCs reduced the docetaxel release in plasma and its distribution among the organs. The improved anticancer activity compared with i.v. Taxotere, observed in the metastatic lung cancer model in Severe Combined Immune Deficiency-beige (SCID-bg) mice, should be attributed to the extravasation effect, leading to the lipoproteinated NC accumulation in lung tumors, where they exert a significant therapeutic action. To the best of our knowledge, no study has reported that the absorption of NCs was mediated by a lymphatic process and reinforced during their transit.

SUBMITTER: Attili-Qadri S 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC3808655 | BioStudies | 2013-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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