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Medium-sized tandem repeats represent an abundant component of the Drosophila virilis genome.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: Previously, we developed a simple method for carrying out a restriction enzyme analysis of eukaryotic DNA in silico, based on the known DNA sequences of the genomes. This method allows the user to calculate lengths of all DNA fragments that are formed after a whole genome is digested at the theoretical recognition sites of a given restriction enzyme. A comparison of the observed peaks in distribution diagrams with the results from DNA cleavage using several restriction enzymes performed in vitro have shown good correspondence between the theoretical and experimental data in several cases. Here, we applied this approach to the annotated genome of Drosophila virilis which is extremely rich in various repeats. RESULTS: Here we explored the combined approach to perform the restriction analysis of D. virilis DNA. This approach enabled to reveal three abundant medium-sized tandem repeats within the D. virilis genome. While the 225 bp repeats were revealed previously in intergenic non-transcribed spacers between ribosomal genes of D. virilis, two other families comprised of 154 bp and 172 bp repeats were not described. Tandem Repeats Finder search demonstrated that 154 bp and 172 bp units are organized in multiple clusters in the genome of D. virilis. Characteristically, only 154 bp repeats derived from Helitron transposon are transcribed. CONCLUSION: Using in silico digestion in combination with conventional restriction analysis and sequencing of repeated DNA fragments enabled us to isolate and characterize three highly abundant families of medium-sized repeats present in the D. virilis genome. These repeats comprise a significant portion of the genome and may have important roles in genome function and structural integrity. Therefore, we demonstrated an approach which makes possible to investigate in detail the gross arrangement and expression of medium-sized repeats basing on sequencing data even in the case of incompletely assembled and/or annotated genomes.

SUBMITTER: Abdurashitov MA 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC3833285 | BioStudies | 2013-01-01


REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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